Bill Payment

You've got options! To make it as easy as possible for our customer's we offer several payment options:

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Automatic Bill Paying Options

Dunlap's Propane, Inc. offers a variety of flexible payment options. Call to sign up for paperless billing or email us today.

Option 1 - Monthly Billing
Credit approved businesses and individuals will receive a monthly statement due on the tenth of each month. Contact us for more information about this option.

Option 2 - Auto Credit Card Payment
Another popular payment option is to pay by credit or debit card. Dunlap's Propane's customer service representative can safely store your credit card information to use for automatic billing on each delivery or you may call in a payment at your convenience.

Option 3 - Budget Billing
If you prefer to pay a more consistent amount month to month on your propane bill, Dunlap's Propane encourages their heating customers to take advantage of Dunlap's Budget Payment Plan. This allows you to stretch your payments out for ten months and avoid paying big bills for large deliveries in the middle of winter. Dunlap's Propane's Budget Payment Plan begins on September 1st each year and continues for ten months with equal payments based on your annual propane usage (any balance on your account will be billed in the 11th month). For your convenience, Dunlap's can also make arrangements to automatically bill your monthly budget payment to your credit or debit card.